How has your life changed after becoming a senior officer after JET Exam?

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I was selected for senior officer by JET Exam. I have a whole other story on why I shifted from Mechanical engineering services to Officer rank job, but that’s a story for another time.

Being a senior officer, just like any other job, having its own goods and bads

But few points i had listed here.

1.Patience -I was always an impatient person, quick to anger, but now being senior person i am much peaceful loving person as i need to understand my juniors.

2. Negotiations skills: being a senior officer brings you respect but it is not that easy, you need to know how to make your juniors work for you with any hassles.

3. Discipline: discipline in your office is everything, you are sole head of your office and anything happening in your office is your duty and responsibility.

4. The big picture: though being a senior officer you do not need to be running after learning new technologies, but it is normal and gradual task for learning and keeping you updated.

5. The state of respect: you are head of your branch and department, your work makes difference in everyone’s life.

I hope this was a good enough answer to the question. I would also like to add that being a senior officer makes you see respect from everywhere. I hardly promise anything these days. My favourite words are mostly “we will see”, “we can try” etc.., No definitive promises until all the risks are mitigated.

Answered on July 7, 2018.
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