How is the life of a JET PO senior officer and Bank po officer?

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In the wake of putting in 5 years in SBI (2 years as an clerk assistant and 3 years as a PO), I think I am very much put to place things into point of view for the people who are interested about the life of a PO.


Due dates, targets, new undertakings, unique drives and so forth routine work keep you up and running the entire day. Being a bank po senior officer you must be agreeable, thoughtful and result situated. There is no such thing as Working Hours. Everything rotates around your work profile and the branch you are posted in. For ex. an Accountant,a Field Officer, a Branch Manager need to remain in office till the day’s worth of effort is finished. Though a Cash officer, Account opening Officer may leave when money is accommodated or managing an account hours is finished. Applicants , in this way have to put their their whole energy and hard work..

Also, indeed, the JET takes great care of its representatives.

Advancements are quick fast, guarantee a medium to exclusive requirement of living for bank officers.

Its quite normal for individuals to rise from rank of a Probationer to Assistant General Manager(Scale V) in 15 years..

Hope this answers some queries. Thank you.

JET Job is good for your lifestyle as all people are running towards it. You get much respect in urban areas while govt banks through u to rural areas first.


In any case, things begin losing sparkle in the event that you compare JET Jobs. Indeed, even JET employments are viewed as better inferable from less work weight and a steady life. Salary is almost of the same level.

Answered on July 7, 2018.
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Bank Po work just depends upon the bank, branch location , manager and the staff of a bank.


I have been working in a bank (sbi) as Po throughout the previous 9 months.


I used to work ┬áin a metro city in gujrat that was my 1st branch. Although we didn’t have much work to do . I used to do regular work like passbook printing, acc opening all stuff, we used to close the branch at 7. No work stress, But work is very much irritating and degrades our brain.

Following a half year I got exchanged to a provincial branch in Andhra pradesh .here branch director is old kindred he wouldn’t like to home and doesn’t work in the bank. Entire day he yells at the clients or branch staff, no regard to the work we do


Every day i used to sit 12 hours in the branch. I ought to go to the branch at 10:30 and the comes at 12:30, when I need to leave at 9.00 pm he feels like I am going early, no occasions on Sundays additionally, no regard to the work we do


However, iam getting 10k every month additional here.


In the event that you are getting ready for different exams bank po is certainly not a decent alternative.

If you are preparing for other exams bank po is not a good option.

Bank officer job is very hectic with no personal life and lot of pressure, you will have 100% chances of getting lifestyle diseases.

Answered on July 7, 2018.
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The Bank PO work is challenging and it is a standout amongst the most looked for after occupations in India. You have to work 8 hrs in seven days however individuals take in a great deal in this activity. Employment timings are settled. Extremely experienced individuals are there. Great leave strategies and considerably more. So hetrick work there. we couldn’t take time to yourself too.

But In JET Exam our life is well managed don’t have pressure and promotion is occur in every 6 month.

Answered on July 7, 2018.
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