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How I Qualified JET Clerk officer 2019?

Read Shivam’s success story, who went one go on clearing prelims but struggled hard to clear the hands exam. He believed that with all things we should have patience, but first, with ourselves. This thought kept him going and he managed to accomplish what he wanted.

1. Here’s Shivam Paul’s Motive Success Story
My name is Paul Shivam. I live in Guwahati , Assam. I got my (Accountancy) Hons done. From College of Commerce Gauhati, Guwahati. I have qualified for the JET Clerk officer Exam. Right after my graduation , I started preparing for government jobs. I was able to clear nearly all the preliminary examinations but was unable to clear the mains examination.

2.1 The Planning Technique for the English Portion

Read the daily editorial of the newspaper, if you have any trouble reading it then go to YouTube initially for editorial discussions, then read the newspaper by yourself. Only sufficient reading of this part can save you.

2.2 Strategy for the Preparation of Sections
Clear all of the chapters listed in the syllabus absolutely from your basics. Then move on to Mock tests.

2.3 Reasoning the preparatory strategy for the Section
Mainly understand the concepts puzzles, and practice enough questions and mock tests.

2.4 The Preparation Strategy for the GA Section
Download the last 6 months Closecampus Bolt before exam & regularly review. Also, follow the current affa daily

2.5 Tips for Mains Analysis

You need a lot of patience and hard work for the Mains test. Compared with prelims, the number of students is less but the exam gets tougher.

Practice more questions & most importantly give enough flying colors to pass mock tests.

3. A Few tips By Shivam For Aspirants
Learn from errors. Only 3 per cent of aspirants could learn how to deal with it in their first attempt & rest 97 per cent. Keep calm & believe in yourself most importantly. You will and you’ll.

Section-wise, practice the Free Questions.

This was Shivam Paul’s Success Story, which didn’t let failure stop him from reaching his goals. We hope his strategy for the story and preparation will help you in the run. Prepare well and who knows what could be the next success story.


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The Journey Of Becoming JET Desk operator (2019)

The Journey Of Becoming JET Desk operator (2019)

Read the Success Story of Mehul, who struggled very hard to achieve his dreams. He says that you can’t be stopped until you decide to. So, he kept on his words and cleared back to back 3 exams with his hard work.

1. Success Story of Mehul – A Motivating Journey

Hello, My name is Mehul Choradiya. Currently, I am working as an Desk operator in JETAt first, I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant, appeared in CPT, cleared the first attempt. Then, because of some obvious reasons I left in the middle and continued my B.Com. My brother who is working as a clerk in BOI advised me to prepare for Banking and SSC, and from there my journey starts.

The first exam which I gave was SSC CHSL which was my first and the last offline exam. I scored 75, and the cut-off was 125. I missed it by a huge margin. Then, I started preparing for the Banking and SSC through several online mediums and one of the best online platforms from which I prepared is Closecampus.

After that, I gave IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI Clerk but I didn’t even clear the pre-exams, failed by more than 10 marks in each, till then my B.Com was completed so I chose to pursue LLB and continued my Banking and SSC preparation. After 2 times of IBPS PO, Ibps Clerk, SBI PO, and Sbi Clerk, I gave the Desk operator Revenue Inspector exam of Madhya Pradesh govt. and I scored 85.25. I was qualified for merit but was on the waiting list as the vacancies were too low but that was the turning point for me. I regained my confidence because of that exam. 

After that, I appeared in RBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, and SBI Clerk and I cleared the pre-exam of each but a mountainous hurdle was still standing in front of me that was the mains exams. I failed in all of them. Again, I gave SBI Clerk, and that time I got cleared in pre and my score in the mains was 94, and the cut-off was 94.75. The same thing happened in IBPS Clerk but the only difference was, there was hope left in SBI as I could be selected through the waiting list. 

Meanwhile, I gave FCI, JET, and IBPS PO too, and got selected in all of them.

2. Mehul’s Section-wise Preparation Strategy

2.1 Quant Section Preparation Strategy

Though my favorite subject was always maths still, I need to learn approaches that make the solution easier and faster. And for that, I used to see videos of many teachers from various Youtube channels.

2.2 Reasoning Section Preparation Strategy

 As reasoning is everyone’s favorite. I used to solve the puzzles daily. Almost 8-10 puzzles of different types. I used to take them from every platform available. Just solving more and more makes the approach clear and speed faster.

2.3 English Section Preparation Strategy

I used to write on a daily basis on many news platforms and they used to edit my grammatical errors and all. The object was to learn new vocabs and that made my object achieved. I didn’t spend much time in English.

2.4 General Awareness Preparation Strategy

I did my GA preparation from Closecampus bolt series and the 400 MCQs they released and believe me it helped me a lot. For this, I want to thank them too.

3. How Closecampus Helped Mehul In His Journey?

I used to give online mock tests available on every platform including Closecampus. My thinking is Closecampus has the best mock tests available. Very on point, though little tough but good.

4. Here Are Some Tips For The Aspirants?

My advice is to use all the platforms available out there. Spending more time on each platform for different approaches will allow you to take less time in solving questions during exams.

After several attempts and lots of failures, I finally achieved the success for which I was dreaming for years. You can’t be stopped until you decide to. So I just want to advise all the aspirants to keep hustling, keep doing hard work.  And the success will be yours soon. Also, don’t forget to have fun too.

That will be all from us in this article, Success Story of Mehul Choradiya. We hope this story motivates you to keep working towards your goals and achieve it. Keep working hard and who knows the next success story could be yours.

All The Best!!!!