You may return new, unopened items sold by Closecampus publication within 1 Day of delivery for a full refund.  We’ll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (if you receive an incorrect etc.). Date of delivery will be counted as Day 1 for delivery and will be counted in 1 day return policy.

Urgent delivery charges are non refundable unless waived by us.

Un explainable/ Buyer error returns

In cases where buyer claims ordered by mistake, and orders are dispatched, buyer is entitled for partial refunds, where shipping fees is deducted from return.

In cases where buyer ordered by Urgent delivery, Only book price will be refunded.

In case of defective item you are eligible for immediate replacement.


Refusal/Intentional causing return of product

In cases where buyer refuses delivery by any cause beyond our (fawobook) control including delay in delivery by the delivery partner, will be considered as intentional misconduct or intentional mal practice by the buyer to hurt daily business activities and cause financial loss to us.

In such cases we hold the right to either completely deny or issue partial refund to buyer. where shipping fees is deducted from return.

In cases where buyer ordered by Urgent delivery, Only book price will be refunded.

For returning the product, buyer need to reach us in prescribed time for return, and need to provide elaborate reason, any suspicious reason or unclear reason for return, or buyer keep on changing reason for return will be considered as abusive practice to cause loss to us intentionally by buyer and we hold the right to deny support to buyer in this situation.


You must include your original packing slip with your return, or else we will not be able to identify your item as belonging to you, and a refund will not be issued.

Please pack your shipment carefully, as we will not issue a refund for an item that is damaged in transit from you to us.

Refunds are issued to Buyer Valid Banking credentials only.

We only accept return by our internal return mechanisms, on approval of your return, a return order will be generated, and a shipping slip will be provided to you by Chat support.

Return will be done by delivery partner from your delivery address to hub we provided return. No other means of return not informed or provided by Chat support will be supported.

If client do not follows our return procedure and uses different return process or mechanism, we are not liable for damage, loss of product in return, we are not liable to pay of any shipping or handling fees not approved by us. Product lost due to client not following our instructions will return in no refund.

Replacement policy

We committed towards solving your issues fastest possible, for defective products replacements are issued immediately. And are shipped without additional cost.

Replacements are issued using standard deliveries only. In exceptions where clients requests a closer date, decision for faster methods can be considered.

After issuing a replacement copy issue is considered as resolved and after this retracting from replacement will be considered as abuse.

We process all returns by Chat support only, Returns need to authorize by the buyer mobile number OTP shared to Chat support when requested and request or claims by emails are not applicable.

Abusive language and practice policy

We are always open to help and take care of you. Abusing the system by forcing our support and using foul language in any kind of communication, or giving threats by any methods will result in closing our communication with you and no support to abusing client will be provided.

Repetitive use of abusive language will result in denial of any support to you.


Cyber bullying

We do not support and have a very strict policy against Cyber bullying, Cyber bullying includes but no limited to Client giving threats of police complaints, Cyber crime complaints, consumer forums without giving stipulated time for providing solution to client request or Straight out threat to get their wishes completed in every un reasonable or un rational manner.

For forcing threatening us to get their wishes done even the window for providing solution is not applicable.

Cyber bullying can include:

  • Damaging or blackmailing, destructive writings, messages or posts, pictures or recordings.
    The age of social media has made our life public. In this scenario, people often try to publicly shame others by posting compromising or private material online for the world to see.
  • Spreading false rumours or gossip tidbits.
  • Hacking.
  • Social Media impersonation.
  • Spam
  • Cyberbullying involves repeated behavior with intent to harm.

This is truly irritating, in light of the fact that this implies somebody is sending to you messages/messages continually, as a rule with substance that doesn’t intrigue you/it’s inappropriate, at the point that it gets truly irritating. At present, there are various approaches to abstain from spamming, such as “blocking” the individual.


Return mechanism and escalation matrix

  1. Client received a damaged or defective product – 0 day
  2. Client informed LIVE CHAT support with provided time for return. – 1 days
  3. Support identifies and proposes solution to client. – 1 day
  4. Client accepts solution / Client requests return – 1 day
  5. A return slip is provided / Client banking details requested – 1 day
  6. Within 2 to 3 days delivery boy will call client and pick up package / If no pick up done – 3 days
  7. Client must inform LIVE CHAT / If Client do not informs it is understood client changed decision to return. – 1 day
  8. Chat support raises complaint for no pickup – 1 day
  9. Another pickup is attempted / Pick up still not done – 3 days
  10. Client must inform LIVE CHAT / If Client do not informs it is understood client changed decision to return. – 1 day
  11. LIVE CHAT reassign another delivery partner. – 1 day
  12. Delivery partner pick up/ Delivery partner do not pickup – 1 day
  13. Client refuses to provide banking details – No refund, Client forces to refund in other’s account / Forces for payment apps – No refund – 1 days
  14. Client issued refund / partial refund. – 7 days  

Contact Information :

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 9617866301

Hub Address:

64, D Tower, 1st floor

Sahyog Vihar

Shahpura Bhopal, M.P

Pincode : 462039