How do I prepare myself for the JET clerk exam?

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Before starting work on your preparation strategy, you have to look at the importants detailed of the exam pattern and syllabus for the JET Clerk exam. Once if you get the detailed information of the exam syllabus and the exam, you just need to see the number of days left before the start of the exam. The online exam of JET Clerk is about to start from July-august 2018. So if you are prepare for JET Clerk  you approximately 40-45 days to prepare for the JET Clerk Exam. Remember, you have to make time table and make Study Plan for JET Clerk Exam. This study plan will help you figure out how you should prepare for the JET Clerk exam and will also assist you in utilising your time in a much efficient way.


The Preparatory phase

This will help you to clear your Doubts

  • Read your notes of all subject and revise them regularly.
  • Understand the basic things to solve the questions and apply them while practising.
  • Guarantee that you have a proper understanding of the considerable topics of subjects that are asked from different areas in the exam.
  • Experience all the fundamental of grammar. They will surely prove to be useful for different inquiries like Spotting Errors, Sentence Improvement, Cloze test and so on.
  • Try to work on your calculation speed. You can go through various tricks of Vedic Maths to improve your calculations.
  • You can experience different tips of Vedic Maths to enhance your calculations.
  1. The Practice phase

This stage is the most crucial one out of all.

  • A through routine with regards to various subjects will encourage you:
  • (a) Manage your time table in the exam better
  • (b) Maximize your attempts in the exam, and thus, enhance your exam score.
  • (c) Improve your accuracy in various points.
  • Regular practice of Mock tests will help you understand the level of your exam preparation and progress.
  • Attempting mock tests is very important since you can access your performance in a much better way. Also, analysing the topics which need more attention becomes easy.

Try to practice the different sections in the below mentioned time frame:

  • Solve topic-wise questions as well as do Mock tests.
  • Rehearsing topics inquiries will enhance you to pick up a decent hold over the individual points. We post quizzes on Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and in addition the English Language all the time, where you’ll go over a blend of new and additionally old example based questions.
  • Mock will help you to do planning and practise.


For English Language you have to study

At least 2 hours

For Quantitative Aptitude you have to study

2-3 hours

For Reasoning Ability you have to study

At least 2 hours

For Mock Tests you have to practise

1 hour per day (at least)

To Analysis of your performance in quizzes & mock tests

30 minutes

  • Set a target of at least 65+ marks and work accordingly to achieve it.
  • Any slack in the practice will be detrimental in the long run. So, make a habit of practising questions on a regular basis.
  1. The Revision Phase (Last 5-7 Days)
  • Devote this time to the revision of the topics that you previously studied and their practice.
  • Revise the basic formulas, grammar rules, tables, squares and cubes etc. of basic numbers daily.
  • Continue practising mock tests.
  • If you have been consistent with the previous 2 phases, you will get through this phase easily, and will score better in your exam.
Answered on July 7, 2018.
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JET is not as touch to crack other Banking Exams. Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Computer Knowledge and English are all at the 10th class level.

The main troublesome area that can ruin your preparation in JET Clerk Recruitment process is General Awareness. Although General awareness is not as tough as people think.

From my point of view, General Awareness segment is more scoring subject than other segment i.e. you can score a great deal in a brisk time. For this subject, I recommend you read current affairs in online and  from any other General Awareness. Perusing current undertakings every now and again, can ace your GA learning.

For QA segment, tables from 2 to 30 ought to be in your psyche, all the logarithmic equations ought to be on your fingertips, the squares, square roots, solid shapes and 3D shapes attaches from 1 to 30 ought to be known to you extremely well, you ought to have the capacity to numerous 2 digit no.s in your mind just, activities on huge no’s ought to be performed roughly and endeavor to learn shorts traps and strategies to take care of specific kind of issue.

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