How has your life changed after getting selected in JET Exam?

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I was expecting someone should also ask this question. Life is pretty much changed after getting selected . Changes are Your are not running after a brand name, like SBI, TCS, you are actually working of first time for a department.

Like government, job after JET Exam is much of a department work which is spread in several organisations, rather than a brand.

Got sense of proper communication. What , when , why, how much to be said and to whom.

Learnt what really a comfortable job, imagine you are the boss of an office with less or no people visiting.

Learnt to spend money on thing for first time, as payment is good.

Learnt basic principle what is really a regular job is.

Make less but quality friends Cz because most are wasting your time talking about preparing for competitive exam, without have any target.

Answered on July 7, 2018.
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